Whether you’re thinking about scaling your team up or wanting to find that well-coveted business edge, this “secret sauce” is a must-have for you.

Learn how to cruise control, put a cost on everything you do, set goals according to projects, management, and cash flow and many more, as taught by GeekOut co-founder James Van Elswyk.

  • Get the blueprint to scale your team the right way. James documented the step-by-step and he’s giving his formula away through P3.
  • Figure out ways to make your brand or business stand out in this day and age.
  • Determine the impeccable way of hiring the talent you need to succeed.
  • Find out what a trustworthy media buyer looks like and why this impacts your business for the better.
  • Make the most of the tried-and-tested formulas here, which aren’t cherry picked. This means these were already utilized in a real-life setting.

“Wow its amazing stuf! This is a really great experience.”

Nice Girl, Texas

  • Secret sauce

    Over 6 hours of easy-to-follow business “secret sauce” training that has been tested and proven to help scale teams from 3 employees to 35 or more, and do it while maintaining profit.

  • Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes look at exactly how I (James Van Elswyk) position my businesses to constantly be bringing in profit even when I step away for a week and not look at my phone once. This is the “auto-pilot” you’ve been looking for!

  • Business edge

    How to find your “business edge” and then use it as the epicenter to help build your business around it so that you stand out in the marketplace as someone with massive authority.

  • How to put a cost

    How to put a cost to every single thing you do. This strategy helps you see exactly what’s coming in and what’s going out, which allows you to safeguard your valuable time.

  • Set goals

    The right and wrong way to set goals according to projects, time management, and cash flow

  • Split Test

    How to hire in different GEOs and how to “split test” employees so you always choose the winners.

  • No time watchers

    The science-backed way to hire and fire and eventually get to a core team that wake up with tons of energy and are excited to help build the company (if you’ve been dealing with “time watchers” waiting to run out the door at 5 PM, then this part of the training is worth the price alone).

  • Find your winner

    What to look for in a media buyer and how to find your winner media buyer so that you can trust that person with millions of dollars in ad spend without looking over his/her shoulder.

  • 2 hours of Josh

    PLUS when you secure your order now, you’ll also get 2 hours of behind the scenes training from the one and only, Josh Elizetxe, the CEO and founder of Snow Teeth Whitening. He lifts the curtain and shows you how he has built several multi-million dollar companies with a bare bones team.

  • Media Buyer Hiring Test

    Bonus! When you checkout now, I’ll even throw in my exact interview questions that I use every single time, the job posts that work like crazy, and my coveted “Media Buyer Hiring Test.” (Yes. I test my media buyers before I even do an interview with them. This is key if you truly want to scale


    The RIGHT WAY to use gamification that gets everyone involved.

  • Much more

    PLUS much, much more.

The content inside my P3 Scaling System is not only informational… it’s also deep, and at times very entertaining.

Maybe you’ve heard. I’ve lived quite a life. And now it’s my job to hand over the keys to the kingdom so others can follow my steps.

Keep in mind there is a 100% ironclad, money back guarantee. It’s simple: if you don’t find the material valuable, let me know and I’ll return your investment, every single penny, with no hard feelings.

I already know it won’t come to that because if you implement what I reveal in my training, you will see powerful business results and be able to sustainably scale at a high level, guaranteed.

The price of P3 Scaling System goes up very soon.

Get it now with the “pre-launch” generous discount before it disappear

What People Have Said About James Business Training:

  • Minh Van Le

    “Honestly… one single slide of P3 is worth the cost alone. Your mind will explode to the next level, even if you've already had experience in building a business system. You'll receive massive value from James. He talked about almost every aspect of team-building (Hiring, Firing, Building, and Engaging) in business.

    James not only pushed me to think seriously about building a team for my business but also help analyze myself as a business owner. I quickly applied what James talked about recruitment and successfully expanded my team to 7 people already!

    Right now, I'm applying mostly the operation system from Chapter 3 of P3 to my business because I realized a business can't scale BIG without a solid foundation and one of the main pillar is team-building and operations. Without proper organization, your business will be a mess and really hard to be consistent in term of revenue and growth. Highly recommend the P3 Scaling System!”

  • David O'Connell

    "I've been managing media buying teams for over 15 years, and I still learned a ton from James's P3 Scaling System. Seeing exactly how he designed, organized, and manages his team allowed me to identify multiple opportunities to evolve and improve our team's existing operating structure.

    This led to reduced headaches, increased team accountability, and ultimately accelerated revenue and profit growth."

  • Nick Shackelford

    Co-Founder of Fidgetly Fidget Spinner and One of The Most Successful Media Buyers In The World

    "I remember a time when I was tripping up, having a rough time... just couldn't focus. James slowed me down, helped me re-focus, and encouraged me to keep going. He does this with everyone he meets. He genuinely cares. He listens and provides a response to continue the conversation.

    And when it comes to business, he's gone through some sh*t. Wins and losses. So, he gets it. He doesn't float around. He doesn't helicopter. He's a dreamer and knows exactly what he wants. And then he hires the right people he can trust to help him build it.

    If you work with James, you clearly understand the value you bring. His employees take it seriously. They have to perform at a high level because James performs at a high level. They're serious, on point, and professional. Everyone that I know wants to have a team similar to James' team."

  • Maryana S.

    Media Buyer for James at Purple Leads

    "James opened up the world of media buying for me. I started working for him without any knowledge in this sphere. He was patient and explained to me the meaning of CPC and CTR. Every day he used to sit with me and help me upload my first campaigns, analyze them and optimize. We would build the reports together and go over them including widgets and so on.

    It was an amazing experience to learn from someone like James. I am very grateful he showed me all his skills without hiding anything. I feel really lucky I met James."

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