Geek Out takes the show to Los Angeles, California. Brace yourselves for yet another leg of the ultimate in-person marketing event of the year.

YEAR 2021

This year’s theme is acquisition. From acquiring traffic, customers, and brands, we’ll delve into the art of drawing more attention to your brand, winning more customers—not just ordinary ones—but those who’ll be repeat customers. Mind you, if it isn’t about these then it won’t be discussed here at Geek Out.”


Our tribe is real.
Our tribe is ready to connect.

Our tribe is always ready to go deep.

The reason our community keeps on growing? The always-learning culture and the #NoEgo mantra we believe in.


Geek Out Los Angeles will be anchored on our usual event playbook

Imagine inner circle high-level media buyers, marketers, and brand builders all under one roof; talking about real-life shit that’s important and relevant to all online businesses in this day and age. Make no mistake: You’ll network, party, and relax. We’ve optimized the event to allow you to cover everything you need to learn about—just how it should be.


It will be a serious room of serious players (as always)

As always, this event will follow a simple structure. You’ll get nothing but the key takeaways.

So how can this impact your team, traffic, and even the way your mind works? Simple as acquiring quantifiable and tangible pieces of advice and nuggets of wisdom.

Our sessions are built around every meaningful sharing, discussion, and relationship-building versus the traditional “PowerPoint Talk.”

  • No time limits set for speakers. This means they’ll be able to share as much as they want. But the quicker we get to the Question & Answer (Q&A) portion, the better. Because oftentimes, here’s where the real learning happens.
  • Only the smartest industry bigwigs we respect. We only invited some of the industry’s smartest and most impressive builders in our circle who we respect. Why? Because their perspectives and how they operate fascinate us the most. And we believe you’ll be, too.
  • It’s all up to you. Should you end up being unable to pick up a thing or two, then the fault’s no longer on us. If you ever find yourself ending up in a position where you feel what’s being discussed is of no value, then speak up. Let your ideas be heard. Bring up the topics you want to tackle; be selfish in a good way.
  • #Brainpicking. As we like to call the process, this lets you get that rare chance to (literally) get an inside and exclusive look at a speaker’s ad accounts. By doing so, you’ll get the opportunity to ask the hot-button questions, “Why?” “What happened here?” and “How did this happen?”
  • Transparency on all fronts. The speakers will even manage to open their accounts or Shopify stores right in front of you. This should let you see their processes and systems in place and give you an informative walkthrough about them. It doesn’t get any better than this.

It’s as transparent as it gets.

“A Closed mouth doesn’t get fed”

“Why did you do this?”
“What happened here?”

Decide what you want to ask.
Ask it to who you want.


Topics we can cover at any event

  • Media Buying Tactics
  • Long Form Ad Copy
  • Scaling Snapchat
  • S.O.P.S
  • Scaling Platforms
  • Scaling Pinterest
  • Hiring
  • Scaling Facebook
  • Scaling Native
  • Ad Creatives, Videos and Images
  • Amazon Selling and Tactics
  • Creative Research and Brand identity
  • Fulfillment and Logistics
  • Selling or Buying Businesses
  • Team Workflows

We’ll lay it all out for you over the span of 3 days

Food, drinks, and all other details are already taken care of. We have them covered.

All you have to do is sit your ass down, learn, and engage with all the serious players in the room.

Are you the guy behind the dials? Come rub elbows with the geeks.

If you’re the point person behind your business’ vision, then be with your fellow visionaries. It’s that simple: Let geeks hangout with other geeks.

This will sell out and be a successful event like the ones we’ve organized in the past.

Our name is our guarantee.





Conversion Rate Optimization

The original founder of Purple Leads, James has more than eight years of hands-on experience in marketing, media buying, and growth optimization under his belt. He uses his expert analytical and management skills to build teams, optimizing performance through every stage of a company’s funnel, while enabling them to scale up with long-term success.


CEO and Co-Founder at Insense

As the CEO and co-founder of Insense, a UGC platform for media buyers, Danil has helped hundreds of DTC brands and growth agencies unlock the true power of paid social by engaging creators. His work—spanning more than 10 years in martech, startups, and ecommerce—shares a common theme: Growing communities so that business can scale.


SVP, Marketing - Brandon's areas of expertise include Amazon, digital advertising, DTC, creative production, awareness generation, and discovering unique insights that will influence growth.


SVP, Creative & Brand Strategy - John is a founding team member. He curates grand design and product development for Thrasio's entire brand portfolio and participates actively across a wide swath of strategic domains.


Maor “The Wolf” Benaim, a full-stack media buyer and entrepreneur obsessed with learning, hacking and winning on every technology, media buying platform and each one of his online and offline businesses, one special thing about Maor is that he’s an affiliate, an agency owner and has multi-million businesses and brands himself.


Owner, Explosive Growth Marketing

Specializing in helping eCommerce business owners and operators reach and draw in more customers across the board, John Coyle’s calling card is built around assisting entrepreneurs, as they continually rack up more revenue even from their existing customers. John makes life much easier for eCommerce store owners through devising dependable systems that help them tap into new markets, boost their bottom lines, among others. Larger part of what John does revolves around minding the revenue generation side of things.


Co-founder of logistics and fulfilment company Partner Trade

Tim’s a co-founder of logistics and fulfilment company Partner Trade that for the last five years have helped more than 1000 e-com sellers around the world. Partner Trade focuses on building an efficient and cost-effective supply chain from the factory to the customer. Today Tim will share his experience in saving millions for sellers by choosing the right approach in logistics.


Media Buying for eCommerce 2020 Edition

Born in Orange County, CA, Nick Shackelford has made a huge impact in the eCommerce world within six years. Now the co-founder of, which handles umbrella eCommerce marketing for eight-figure brands, Nick continues to work across a number of industries—from LED lights to Baby Clothes. Truth be told, he keeps on redefining himself as a force in the Facebook campaigns and PPC marketing spaces.

Greg J.

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Via

Greg is the Co-founder & COO of Via, a mobile commerce software platform. Greg is an expert on mobile commerce and the law's surrounding the messaging space. He's focused on building authentic relationships with you and believes the future of customer conversion will take place on mobile real estate. Greg has worked with brands doing $1BB revenue. Via has generated over $50MM in revenue for e-commerce business owners. He and his co-founder Tejas have raised over $20MM in the last 12 months.


Billy McClennan manages strategic partnerships for Gorgias. Prior to joining Gorgias, he helped scale HUMON, an MIT founded Direct-to-Consumer brand, scaling the company's revenue by 30% month over month. He loves helping brands that design great eCommerce experiences, scale their digital advertising, set up logistics operations, and build strategic partnerships with international distributors.


Snapchat at scale / giveaway model

Van Oakes is the proud owner of the world’s greatest mustache and a performance marketer, in that order. If you’ve ever watched the Discovery Channel, chances are, you may have already seen his work. Van is the CMO of DieselSellerz, an online eCommerce store featured on the hit TV show, “Diesel Brothers”. DieselSellerz has since built an eight-figure empire using social media influencers with interests centered around diesel enthusiasts.


VisCap Media’s Chief Executive Officer

Cody Iverson, VisCap Media’s chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder, built his first business in 2016 from the ground up—a major move inspired by his grandfather. Cody’s an expert in digital marketing, operations, leadership, direct response copywriting, and management. No wonder, he amassed great success in propelling various eCommerce businesses and brands toward racking up multiple 7-figure revenues across the board. For him, it all boils down to putting a premium on customer experience and satisfaction at every turn.


Marketing Funnels, Cost Per Clicks (CPC), & Ad Budgets Specialist, Quiverr

If you’re into ad budgets, marketing funnels, and CPCs, then you may want to pay closer attention to Kiefer Godfrey at GeekOut once he takes the centerstage. A San Diego native, you may catch Kiefer doing some sprints at the beach or drinking Mexican beer during his free time. But in terms of optimizing ad campaigns, and many more, Kiefer doesn’t mess around. He currently works for Quiverr, a company composed of a team of eCommerce experts that specialize Amazon marketplace optimization and strategies.


Online Marketer, eCommerce Strategist, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

Brett Curry is an expert in online marketing, eCommerce marketing, SEM, SEO, Amazon Advertising, Amazon DSP, and speaking. As a strategist, Brett has always been big on helping eCommerce companies achieve growth via creative marketing techniques. He authored the “Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping” (published by Shopify) and the “Smart Google and YouTube Traffic Course, in cooperation with Ezra Firestone. Brett leads a team of marketers and dedicates most of his bandwidth managing and overseeing an online marketing agency.



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This is a really great experience. I feel very, very fortunate to be able to do things that are outside my normal comfort zone. We wanna learn and stretch and be able to come and talk to a different population about performance, I think was very fortunate for me, and I always say that performance is performance, and this is a really great example.

Wendi Borlabi

It’s fantastic. I mean these guys took ‘em to school. A lot of great content, a lot of good e-commerce knowledge, dropping bombs all day long.

Chase Harmer

It's amazing, not just because of the people that you meet here, but also about the whole experience. It's all about networking, it's all about sharing.

Brad Vuckovich



The group is truly unique in terms of the skillsets, and I think the networking is just phenomenal, probably one of the best events I’ve definitely been to for that perspective, and on top of it the content is also extremely valuable.

Matt Orlic

For me, it's being in the room For me, it's being in the room with like, eight players man. Being in a room with media buyers that you know are spending 10 grand plus a day, 20 grand plus a day, and just bouncing ideas, but also the speakers. Starting this morning, watching the YouTube presentation, the influencer presentation. Even though I'm not actively on those platforms, it's really insightful because these are other channels.

I was taking tons of notes, so I've got a lot of stuff that I can implement, and what I'm gonna be doing when I get home.

Paul Jeyapal