“The highest level conference in the game. People in attendance could very easily be headlining any other conference.”

~GeekOut Attendee

Welcome to the “Burning Man” of Ecom

Get In The Room With A Billion-Dollar Network, Level Up Your Knowledge & Join The Biggest Ecom Party Of The Decade!

Your journey to the next level in Your Business starts at GeekOut Kyiv August 25-29, 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine!

“The connections that we made in the first couple of hours paid for itself.”

Mattew Sabia - CEO of DEEP WORK

August 25

Wednesday: Kickoff Your Adventure With A Billion-Dollar Network

This first day is all about assimilating you into the tribe of A-players that will be present. Making just one connection here could pay for your ticket 10X over. You will bond over a behind the scenes trip to Chernobyl, dinner at locale hot spots and then night out at the club. In this immersive, interactive environment, you’ll get to switch between networking, learning, and enjoying as we reveal the biggest needle movers in Ecom for 2021.

August 26

Tanks and USSR toys.. (Enough Said)

Time to buckle in and join us on a to ride Soviet Tanks and blazer up rounds of, USSR toys. Experience some primal life with other keyboard and business warriors and by the end of this day, you’ll be buddy-buddy with the highest caliber killers in Ecom.

August 27

Friday: VIP Access To A Tactical Media Buying Workshop

All Tactics .. Pros Open their laptops and show you their campaigns. You can ask the whys and the hows of what you see over their shoulders. Nick Shackelford, Jordan Menard & Maor “The Wolf” Benaim will host a one-time only tactical workshop to break through all your scaling blocks. No stone will be left unturned in this private training. This will be an intense 8 hours.

August 28

Saturday - Main Event GeekOut Kiev

Finish off with the main event. We bring you the unfiltered high level content we are known for. If you haven’t been to a GeekOut you will find out why people are blown away by the learning portion of what we do. If you been before it will be no different .. No Fluff

August 28

Saturday - Party. Like. A Rockstar!

Finish things off with a party like you have never been to with magicians, fire, and animals in a top night club we have rented out just for this. This party has been designed and will be hosted by a notorious Moscow Event company whose event James was blown away by 5 years ago. We found him, we hired him and madness will ensue.

August 29

Sunday - Pool Party and Boozy Brunch

Take this time poolside to ship Champagne, Remember the night before and close the deals and partners that have started the last few days. It’s time to finalize friendships and get the final information from the speakers before you go home to reality.

GeekOut has become a community that once you're in the tribe the value doesn't stop when the event is over. Friendships, and partnerships continue long after the event is done.

This GeekOut is Different - This one will just hit different ... Join us & be blessed by being one of the few attendees allowed to be part of one of the best events Geekout has ever done.

USSR toys


Learn From The Best Minds in Media Buying today?


Party at the hottest clubs in Kyiv?


Become Part of the Geekout Tribe?


Visit Chernobyl - “The Forbidden City”?


Ride Tanks?


Build A Network to Level Up?


The Learning In Detail:

Media Buying Training:

  • Facebook Media Buying Tactics - What Works Post iOS 14 Update
  • 7-Figure Repeatable Native Ads
  • Cracking Youtube with Traffic and Video Creation Templates
  • How To Automate Profits On Snapchat Using These Frameworks
  • Winning Ad Creatives of 2021 (Hint: It’s not TikTok)
  • Long-Form Direct Response Ad Copy
  • 8-Figure S.O.P.S for A Bullet-Proof Business
  • How To Systemize High-Converting Creatives Without Being An Artist
  • Evergreen Branding To Build A Brand That Withstands Competitors
  • 3-Step Fulfillment and Logistics
  • Selling or Buying Businesses The Smart Way
  • Super-Efficient Team Workflows To Reduce Overhead & Lag Time
  • Hiring Secrets From Companies With 1,000+ Person Teams

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Our Incredible Speakers

Nick Shackelford

Featured on Foundr Magazine for spending over $85 million on Facebook ads, Nick will be opening his internal ad accounts so you can see the hidden ad creatives that will blow up in 2021 before the rest of the industry.

James Van Elswyk

With more than eight years of hands-on experience in marketing, media buying, and conversion rate optimization, James will be sharing his framework for powerful creatives that will work for you even if you don’t have a single creative bone in your body.

Van Oakes

Discover how Van Oakes used non-traditional strategies to build an eight-figure empire for a hit TV show on Discovery Channel using a hot traffic source that most people don’t know about.

Jordan Menard

Having worked with Jordan Belfort (The Wolf Of Wall Street) and 9-figure investor Robert Kiyosaki, Jordan will open the lid on the mind-blowing Facebook media buying framework he used to scale basement brands into household names.

Cody Iverson

CEO of one of the leading e-commerce creative ad agencies in the world. Cody will be uncovering the step-by-step process he used to create limitless winning creatives for the most respected Ecom brands in the world.

Maor “The Wolf” Benaim

Maor “The Wolf” Benaim, a full-stack media buyer and entrepreneur obsessed with learning, hacking and winning on every technology, media buying platform and each one of his online and offline businesses, one special thing about Maor is that he’s an affiliate, an agency owner and has multi-million businesses and brands himself.

There are literally only 75 tickets in total for the most insane event of the decade.

Once we sell out, this will be closed forever.

Our Incredible Speakers

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