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Imagine yourself being in a room filled with a few inner-circle and high-level marketers, picking their brains as you widen your network at once. Rub elbows with upper-echelon people who make a living out of selling things on the Internet.

For sure, it’ll be a serious room teeming with serious players.




We only bring about real takeaways. It’s as simple as that. Take home all the quantifiable, tangible things and feel free to integrate them into your campaigns or processes.

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Fully loaded topics we can cover at any event

  • Long Form Ad Copy

  • Scaling Platforms

  • Scaling Facebook

  • Amazon Selling and Tactics

  • Selling or Buying Businesses

  • Media Buying Tactics

  • S.O.P.S

  • Hiring

  • Ad Creatives, Videos and Images

  • Fulfillment and Logistics

  • Scaling Snapchat

  • Scaling Pinterest

  • Scaling Native

  • Creative Research and Brand identity

  • Team workflows

This isn’t your average, boring PowerPoint presentation-laden event with time limits.

No time limits are set for our speakers. This means they’ll be able to share with you as much as they want, whichever way they please. Be it through whiteboard, round table discussions, or Q&A format - you name.

We’ve only invited people who we respect and we think can bring in something other typical speakers don’t: The capability to share what they think in a no holds barred manner.

All you have to do is to actively listen and interact with them. Remember: This is your golden opportunity to pick their brains so make it count!

#Brainpicking is having the chance to literally look INSIDE a speaker’s ad account and ask “why?”, “what?”, and “how?”.

Our speakers will even bare their ad accounts or Shopify stores to walk you through what they do, how they do it, why do they do it, and what makes them tick.

It can’t be more transparent than that. “Why did you do this?”, “What happened here?”.

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Get to know more about our esteemed Speakers

James Van Elswyk

Conversion Rate Optimization

The original founder of Purple Leads, James has more than eight years of hands-on experience in marketing, media buying, and growth optimization under his belt. He uses his expert analytical and management skills to build teams, optimizing performance through every stage of a company’s funnel, while enabling them to scale up with long-term success.

Nick Shackelford

Media Buying for Ecommerce

Born in Orange County, CA, Nick Shackelford has made a huge impact in the eCommerce world within six years. Now the co-founder of, which handles umbrella eCommerce marketing for eight-figure brands, Nick continues to work across a number of industries—from LED lights to Baby Clothes. Truth be told, he keeps on redefining himself as a force in the Facebook campaigns and PPC marketing spaces.

Van Oakes

Snapchat at Scale / Giveaway Model

Van Oakes is the proud owner of the world’s greatest mustache and a performance marketer, in that order. If you’ve ever watched the Discovery Channel, chances are, you may have already seen his work. Van is the CMO of DieselSellerz, an online eCommerce store featured on the hit TV show, “Diesel Brothers”. DieselSellerz has since built an eight-figure empire using social media influencers with interests centered around diesel enthusiasts.

Cody Iverson

VisCap Media

Cody Iverson, VisCap Media’s chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder, built his first business in 2016 from the ground up—a major move inspired by his grandfather. Cody’s an expert in digital marketing, operations, leadership, direct response copywriting, and management. No wonder, he amassed great success in propelling various eCommerce businesses and brands toward racking up multiple 7-figure revenues across the board. For him, it all boils down to putting a premium on customer experience and satisfaction at every turn.

Maor Benaim

Media Buying

Maor “The Wolf” Benaim, a full-stack media buyer and entrepreneur obsessed with learning, hacking and winning on every technology, media buying platform and each one of his online and offline businesses, one special thing about Maor is that he’s an affiliate, an agency owner and has multi-million businesses and brands himself.

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Wendi Borlabi

This is a really great experience. I feel very, very fortunate to be able to do things that are outside my normal comfort zone. We wanna learn and stretch and be able to come and talk to a different population about performance, I think was very fortunate for me, and I always say that performance is performance, and this is a really great example.

Matt Orlic

The group is truly unique in terms of the skillsets, and I think the networking is just phenomenal, probably one of the best events I’ve definitely been to for that perspective, and on top of it the content is also extremely valuable.

Brad Vuckovich

It's amazing, not just because of the people that you meet here, but also about the whole experience. It's all about networking, it's all about sharing,

Paul Jeyapal

For me, it's being in the room with like, eight players man. Being in a room with media buyers that you know are spending 10 grand plus a day, 20 grand plus a day, and just bouncing ideas, but also the speakers. Starting this morning, watching the YouTube presentation, the influencer presentation. Even though I'm not actively on those platforms, it's really insightful because these are other channels. I was taking tons of notes, so I've got a lot of stuff that I can implement, and what I'm gonna be doing when I get home.

Eric Toz

I like that it was very tactical like here's what you need to do to get ready for Q4. That was super helpful. I was super engaged. Usually, I tune out a bit at some events or from watching people speak. I'll just tune out, but I was super engaged the whole time, and it was a good rhythm. It was back to back to back to back to back, no b.s., just learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, which I really appreciated And then the people. The networking's great, I mean, it's amazing. And if you don't know the GeekOut people, you need to add them to your network, yeah.

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