Geek Out Unplugged

No microphones No stages No cameras No live streams

Just a few inner circle high-level marketers in a room picking elite level media buyers’ brains on how to become better at our craft while you network with the upper level of people that sell things on the internet. It will be a serious room of serious players.

Zero theory Zero fluff Zero pitching

This event is really simple as far as content. We only bring real takeaways.

Quantifiable, tangible things you can put in your pocket, take home and copy and paste into campaigns or processes.

  • +Tactics
  • +S.O.P.s
  • +Templates
  • +Video ad creation
  • +Long form ad copy
  • +Conversion rate optimization (VWO, landing pages and product pages)
  • +Scaling Facebook
  • +Scaling Snapchat
  • +High volume Amazon
  • +Media buying team workflows and trainings

The structure and set up for the days are not like your average event with set time limits and boring PowerPoint presentations.

No time limits are set for our speakers, they can share as much as they want with you in whichever way they please; whiteboard, round table discussions, Q&A format. The options are endless and will keep you engaged.

We’ve only invited people to share things they think (and we think) are unique and applicable to high-level people.

If you don’t learn it’s because you didn’t ask and actively engage. You have the opportunity to pick their brains - use it wisely!

“Why did you do this?”
“What happened here?”

Brain picking in our eyes, for example, is having the chance to literally look INSIDE a speaker’s ad accounts and ask “why?”, “what?”, and “how?”.

The speaker will open their ad accounts or Shopify stores and walk you through exactly what they do and all the small details.

It can’t be more transparent than that.

“Why did you do this?”

“What happened here?”

Decide what you want to ask

Then ask anything you want to ask

We will lay it all out for you over 2.5 days

We take care of all the food, drinks, and details

You just need to sit your ass down and learn

If you’re the guy behind the dials, come go deep with other geeks!

If you’re the founder or strategy guy that comes to network and ideate then bring your executor to geek out the other button pushers.

We will only have 14 people compared to our normal 50.

This WILL sell out before we even share it on FB and Twitter.

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September 25 - 27

Los Angeles, CA


Never been to a Geek Out event?

This will be one of the best and most intimate ones we have done.

You won’t want to miss it!

It will take place on the last weekend of September.

So get your ass ready for Q4. It will be the biggest one of this year! Finally, right?!

September 25-27

COVID-19 Rules Will Be Heavily Enforced:

  • Tables and chairs will be placed 6 feet apart
  • Food and drinks will be individually packaged
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided
  • Common areas will be sanitized every hour
  • The venue has 80ft high ceilings and fresh air flow throughout
  • Signed COVID-19 waivers will be required


Our speakers

  • James Van Elswyk

    Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Nick Shackelford

    Media Buying for ecommerce 2020 Edition

  • John Martin

    Pinterest Media Buying

  • Jordan Menard

    Facebook - Unknown FB tips and trick to boost your ROAS

  • Wade Brown

    Attribution Modeling

  • Van Oakes

    Snapchat at scale / giveaway model

  • Chase Dimond

    The Perfect E-commerce Campaign Build

  • John Coyle

    Building an Your Email Audience without Sacrificing Profit

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